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Looking for some work.

2014-03-11 13:31:32 by landon91

Looking for a new voice acting gig. Just finished my lines for Eddsworld: The Movie. Hit me up if you have any current projects with parts that need filled. 

Fuckin' News

2013-11-25 12:42:48 by landon91

I don't have anything really newsworthy.


2012-10-21 15:37:16 by landon91

Got a lot of collaboration requests, that's good right? So gonna sort through those and get some projects done. Also working on a live set, yippee.

I'd really like to get signed and get my music out there. I love sharing my music with people. The only thing is, I don't know labels or anything. Any suggestions for labels I should send a demo to?


2012-09-11 13:31:34 by landon91

Just released a banger, go check it out!

Boo Newgrounds!

2012-09-06 15:33:37 by landon91

I guess Newgrounds deleted my remix of AFI's Prelude 12 21. It was doing pretty good, I think it got to 4.70ish and stayed there steadily and the view and download count was rising pretty significantly everyday. So that sucks, but oh well. If you want to hear it go to

Sup nukkas

2012-08-27 22:20:58 by landon91

I just release a remix of AFI's Prelude 12 21. I think you'll like it if you listen, it goes pretty hard (like my cack, lolwut) Anyways, lots of music headed your way here on newgrounds so stay tuned. May have a collab/compilation coming together soon, we'll see..

Hey All

2012-05-14 20:26:12 by landon91

What's up everyone? I've been making some music lately and people think it is good :D. I currently am on the popular music list on the audio front page. Very happy! Please check my stuff out!


2011-08-24 01:17:37 by landon91

I've been sick for a while and diagnosed with APS 2. Hopefully I will have more time for music.

I just remembered.

2010-08-26 12:56:19 by landon91

Steve Irwin is dead.